Morija Guest House

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Eco-Tourism at Morija Guest House is not just a catchword for us, it’s a reality at several levels..

The guest houses are built with local materials: sandstone, trees from the nearby woodlot and thatching grass. The cottages below the main house are smeared with a mixture of mud and cow dung according to the traditional method.  Rubbish is disposed of as ecologically as possible and all glass bottles and aluminium tins are taken to the recycler’s. Solar power is partially used in all houses, either for lighting or for hot water. However we are also connected to mains electricity to ensure that there is always a good supply of hot water and that guests can enjoy all modern conveniences (for eg to recharge their phone, to plug in their laptop, or to switch on their bedroom heater in winter).

The Morija Guest House is perched on a rocky outcrop overlooking the historic village of Morija, in the Lesotho Lowlands (45 km from the capital Maseru). Morija is located between Maseru and Mafeteng, off the Main South Road.  Morija boasts the oldest house and church as well as the only museum in the country.  It’s a fascinating place to visit for anybody interested in history and culture. If you come from Maseru, you must drive past the airport and go on for about 20km before you see signs on your left indicating Morija. If you come from Mafeteng, the sign will be on your right.

Contact info: 00266 2236 0306

00266 6306 5093