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Lesotho, formally known as Basutoland. Also known as the Switzerland of Southern Africa because of the beauty and mountainous landscape. Lesotho is over 30 000 square kilometres and is covered in gullies, sparkling waterfalls, and rugged mountains making it a tourist destination hotspot!

There is endless activities in Lesotho such as pony rides, mountain biking, abseiling, birding, fishing only to mention a few.

Lesotho was inhabited by Bushman and there are Bushmen drawings and paintings in the river gorges making it an excellent place for long walks and hiking.







Mountain Biking


Pony Trekking




Lesotho Culture

Day 3 of 3 or 4 day pony trek, Thaba Kotjo.

Basotho Women –Mothers to the Nation

Because so many able-bodied Basotho men are absent, working on the gold and coal mines; on farms and in the cities in order to earn money, the burden of ‘keeping the home fires burning’ in Lesotho falls to a very large extent on the women.

That is not to say there are no men left behind and the men are responsible for seasonable work at home such as ploughing and planting; dipping dosing shearing and marketing wool and mohair [Although sometimes the women must see to this work as well]. Men are required to attend Pitsos [public meetings] that may entail downing a jug or two of suitable refreshment. Having said that the reality is that Basotho women have    much responsibility towards the welfare of the nation.

Traditionally men see to the ploughing and planting of crops. Thereafter the women must attend to the cultivation and weeding. {If her husband, for example, cannot get leave, women may have to arrange for ploughing or even do it themselves, this applies to single women as well]