Bob Phillips Campsite, Matebeng


Bob Phillips campsite is a stunning campsite alongside the Matebeng River, just before the Matebeng Pass if you coming from Sani or Katse

It has been made an official campsite but you just arrive as there is no cell phone reception to make bookings. It is best to try and find the nearest basotho village and inform people that you will be camping for the night. A remuneration of R20 per head is a good amount to pay to the local village chief. It is advisable to aim for either Mashai Lodge or Bob Phillips campsite as your destination if you are coming from Katse Dam or Sani Pass. This means you have plenty of time to enjoy this scenic route into the Eastern Part of Lesotho and you have then the whole day to do the Matebeng Pass and arrive in good time at Sehlabathebe National Park. For more information on this campsite contact Lesotho Thin Air Adventures


GPS:  29° 48′ 32.227″S

28° 49′ 31.228″E