Ha Liphapang Village, Quthing


Ha Liphapang Village is the a hidden gem in Southern Lesotho just waiting to be explored and visited


Ha Liphapang Village is a 100% community owned tourism project in the most southerly tourist destination in Lesotho. There are about 5 huts that are owned by individuals who hire them out to tourists. You can either camp a little bit a way from the Village in an allocated campsite or use the neat and tidy village hut accommodation. The village boasts the best set of bushman paintings in Lesotho, crysta lclear streams teeming with trout and yellowfish and incredible day hikes. Come and explore the stunning Sebapala and Tsatsane Valleys by horse or foot.


About 5km before the town of Mount Moorosi(from direction of Quthing)you turn off right onto a gravel road that will take exactly 40km untilyou reach Ha Liphapang. This road has a great gravel road but is treacherous and steep in places and requires a 4×4. Very dangerous curves are hidden so drivers are to drive with extreme caution when driving this road.

Contact info: 00266 589 51054